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“Edgar Wilde” – the Live Tweet-Read

A few days ago I had the extreme pleasure of reading a live tweet-read on Twitter of “Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire” by Angela Goff. I must admit I’d never seen a live tweet-reading of a book before, so it was particularly fascinating and enjoyable — especially as the subject matter was my own novel. I was on the edge of my seat for the three days or so it took for her to complete it, just waiting to see what she’d tweet next!

With her permission, I have collected all of her cool live tweets as she made her way through the book, and they are posted chronologically below. Thanks so much, Angela, a very fun new way to experience my book!

Check out Angela’s blog at, where she talks more about live tweet-reads and more!



Just started reading #EdgarWilde tonight, but it’s definitely one I want to tweet-read to you guys. @PaulRamey @NineMusePress

I don’t tweet-read many books, just indie picks that hook me in quickly and keep me guessing. At 10% in, #EdgarWilde is already doing that.

History class + school bully + cemetery etiquette. HA. I like this. Wonderfully quirky. #EdgarWilde #YA #amreading @PaulRamey @NineMusePress

“There’s a wicked-hot angel statue over at Greenwood that’s got ’em hanging…” Poor #EdgarWilde. @PaulRamey #noonerespectsstoneangelsanymore

Great quirky humor here. Every character is an odd duck; and #EdgarWilde is the most awkwardly adorable oddball of the lot. #YA #amreading

Seriously. This guy sounds like the kind of kid I would’ve crushed on in high school. #EdgarWilde #amreading @NineMusePress

“Worst case scenario: She was actually flirting with him. He’d need to reevaluate his Saturday morning ritual if this kept up.” #EdgarWilde

Love it when #amreading conflict builds in a whimsical, non-rip-your-jugular-out way. #EdgarWilde has managed to do that – while I laughed.

Bahaha!!! #EdgarWilde and Shelby. That is all. #alreadyshippingcharacters #amreading @PaulRamey @NineMusePress

“Funny, the things we carry with us in this world – the many things that never let go.” – #EdgarWilde #amreading @PaulRamey @NineMusePress

I want a 21st century boyfriend who insists on wearing a Victorian top hat. And knows how to read microfiche. #amreading #EdgarWilde

Woah. #EdgarWilde has half the town mad b/c he’s investigating a 300 yo dead man no one remembers? AND he’s friends w/ the undertaker? COOL

OK. The undertaker quotes Greek poetry AND Victor Hugo? Death and romance in one man – he should give #EdgarWilde some tips. #amreading

Actually, I think he IS trying to give #EdgarWilde some romance tips. LISTEN TO HIM, Edgar. And don’t let Shelby get away #shipping #toocute

“You cannot help where you are born, by God, but you must certainly rise above it!” #EdgarWilde #amreading @PaulRamey @NineMusePress

All righty. Enough tweet-reading for now. Currently 25% of #EdgarWilde on my Kindle. Quick, engrossing read with a Goonies-esque fell to it

At job #3 for the day. Really need to make some time to read more in #EdgarWilde; I keep thinking about key scenes I’ve read, and chuckling

And yes I’m reading more #EdgarWilde even though it’s past my bedtime. So many mysteries and eddying subplots all coming together #amreading

Love the light romantic touches twined thru this mystery. #EdgarWilde + Shelby = SO CUTE. Best balance of info, action, & twoo wuv 🙂 #YA

@PaulRamey Glad it did! It’s always fun to tweetread a book I can really get into, with characters I can root for. #EdgarWilde did just that

I’m truly impressed by all the talent I’m finding in the indie, small press literary world. @PaulRamey‘s book definitely makes that list

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