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So what is this “Edgar Wilde Tours” brochure thingy anyway?

Basically, it’s the actual 3-fold brochure that Edgar Wilde uses to advertise his cemetery tours. My understanding is that Edgar commissioned this brochure when he was starting up his tour business, and it’s served him well over the past year or two. Inside you’ll see a basic layout of St. Edmund Cemetery, read a bit about Edgar’s featured tours, and even get a basic education as to cemetery iconography symbolism. You may even be sold on taking Edgar up on one of his nightly cemetery tours!

EW Brochure photo

Near the end of writing Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire I began thinking about possible related pieces of the Edgar Wilde world that I could create and use as cool, collectable perks or prizes. The very first thing that came to mind was designing Edgar’s tour brochure. Fortunately, this kind of collateral marketing piece designing is what my “day job” is all about, so I was able to quickly pull something together that I felt captured Edgar’s tour business (**rumor has it the brochure may even include a subtle clue or two concerning the next Edgar Wilde mystery!).


The official Edgar Wilde Tours brochure has now been professionally printed and folded, and looks pretty damned cool if I do say so myself. It is currently available only as a giveaway prize, or inside special signed copies of the hardback that come directly from me. Please reply to this blog post and let us know if you’re interested in acquiring an autographed copy of the book that includes the brochure. We’ve only printed a few of these cool brochures, and in the event that Edgar Wilde rides the J.K. Rowling path to movie stardom then these little promo pieces are bound to be one of the rarer collectables you’ll ever come across. The autographed book/brochure package comes in at $32.50; a little more than the $27.50 pricetag if you get just the book through