A little bit about Edgar Wilde’s journey…

Twenty-one months ago today my daughter, Sofia, was born. She was right on time, nailing her May 21 projected date of birth. By the time our pitch-perfect natural childbirth was over and we had ourselves a li’l baby to take home, I was thrilled, excited, nervous, and very, very tired.

I was also creatively worried. I knew things were about to change in my little world. The many art and music projects I had were all squirming in line like unhappy bladders at an out-of-order portapotty. I could already tell they were about to take a big step up onto the shelf and stay there indefinitely.

Were my creative days over? I mean, the child-raising was going to be creative, to be sure. And my whole heart and soul would be present and active for what was, by far, my most important creation of all. But part of who I am requires I make things — creative things. What to do?

And then, in an oddly unplanned moment, I let flow what would eventually become the beginning chapter of Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire. From that pivotal moment, I sat for at least an hour every single night, slowly adding to my tale. Some of it was already in my head, and some was yet to arrive.

I was writing a book. This was the answer! Where I needed solid three and four-hour time periods to pull off my art or music, I could jump in and out of the book writing whenever time permitted. It was a whole different kind of creation, and somehow it was working.

After six months I had my first draft. At that time I was sure there’d be no more than a month or two of edits and fixes, and then it would be ready to go. I was elated! I never would have guessed, however, that instead of the two months I’d anticipated it was to be another whole YEAR of rewrites, edits and additional chapters before we’d get Edgar Wilde into its current, ready-to-publish form. But it’s been worth it.

A thoroughly enjoyable labor of love, Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire is about to launch as an ebook through Nine Muse Press in just a few days. I can’t wait! And I hope you all enjoy these characters who have become so enjoyable and real in my head. And you can thank little Sofia for their existence, as I have in the book.

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