About Us

Nine Muse Press is a small, independent press, whose mission is to cultivate the finest unknown authors who have written the very best literary fiction (with a focus on fantasy) and publish them. We reduce the headache and stress out of marketing yourself. It’s so much more compelling when someone else sells your work for you. Let us represent you to the world.

We work with a select group of authors, hand-picked for the high quality of their work, their compelling storytelling voice, and the memorable nature of their stories.

Exclusively for our authors, we offer the following services:

  • Graphic design
  • Copyediting
  • Ebook Formatting and E-Commerce
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Marketing and PR, social media and traditional
  • Web consulting
  • Music, video and book trailer design

We are intentionally small scale so that we can devote great attention to those we select. Nine Muse Press is not currently accepting submissions.

Who We Are

Anna Meade

Anna is the editor, salesperson, marketer and the persistent nudger. Her vision for Nine Muse Press was inspired by her realization of all the underrepresented writing talent that was ignored because of the author’s lack of marketing or sales knowledge. Her background is in writing, editing, marketing and sales.

Paul Ramey

Paul is our graphic designer, a copywriter, a talented composer and musician, as well as one of our authors. His book Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire, a YA mystery, is our first release. He also designed the Nine Muse Press logo.

Tina Ramey

Tina is our web designer, computer guru, and ebook/paperback format expert. She has an unerring eye for design and designed ninemusepress.com. She has dabbled in web development for over ten years and programming for almost thirty years (when, at the ripe age of nine, she coded text adventure games on her Commodore 64). Paul and Tina live with their daughter Sofia in Jacksonville, Florida.

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