Edgar Wilde Book Cover

Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire

by: Paul Ramey

Eccentric teenager Edgar Wilde lives with his grandmother and runs his own cemetery tour business in the quaint, coastal New England town of St. Edmund. Determined to offer the very best tours, Edgar volunteers at the local library on Saturdays, where he secretly digs through old town documents for interesting historical tidbits.

Among his recent discoveries is the name of a man who seems to be missing from the official town records. Edgar’s curiosity deepens the further he digs — if he didn’t know better he could swear the mysterious figure had been intentionally removed from St. Edmund’s history. But it’s when two members of the local historical society forcefully tell him to mind his own business that he begins to realize he’s stumbled into something very, very big.

St. Edmund’s cemetery manager, Corinthian Harknell, has been Edgar’s confidant and father figure for some time, and the curious mystery of the missing man seems to have whetted his appetite for a good adventure as well. Corinthian knows Edgar better than anyone, and instantly picks up on the chemistry between Edgar and high school acquaintance Shelby Emerson, whose curiosity draws her deeper and deeper into Edgar Wilde’s compelling world of Victorian garb, cemetery iconography and passion for mystery.

Together, the three find themselves on a tantalizing quest involving centuries-old clues hidden around St. Edmund, a forgotten witch trial, and a mysterious book of spells — the Lost Grimoire — that promises untold power to the one who wields it.

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