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One Spark. Boom.

There is that moment, the moment when you interface with your own creative waves, passing through a wall of sheer determination, patience, and passion. And suddenly you are no longer throwing things out to in front of you, but are instead ahead of them, being pushed by them, being caught on a crest of momentum.

In the air, this is known as the Sound Barrier. Here in our little corner, it is Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire.

From countless months of editing and re-writing, suddenly – within the last two weeks – a profound swath has cut its way through, bringing my novel to an exciting, resonant culmination. It’s time to publish!!!

The release date is now set: March 21. My birthday. My 45th birthday, to be exact. And here I’ve been sitting around, trying to figure out how best to celebrate. It was only the day before yesterday that I realized that the realistic publication date for Edgar Wilde was about to intersect with the beginning of my 45th trip around the sun. How perfect! What better way to celebrate? (well, there are ways, but let’s not dawdle on that…)

But I’ve got to mention something else, another “sonic boom” that has propelled EW forward, and that is the splendid dovetailing that is the publication of my book and Jacksonville, Florida’s One Spark ( event in April. One Spark brings businesses together, asks them to sponsor various creatives around the city, and for a week in April people get to check out your wares, vote on them, and possibly leave your pot of gold much more bountiful than before. When Tina, Sofia and I stopped by Bold Bean Coffee the other day for some Curry Lattes, a chance meeting with someone involved in this project led to me checking it out. It was enough to inspire me to register my book as a creative project worth consideration. But it was another friend – someone else who’d signed up as a musician for the event (Joe Little, folks, of Red Pill Prophet! Check him out!) – who stayed on my ass enough to make sure I found the right vendor, and that I met all the deadlines. SUDDENLY, my novel, Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire, is going to be a featured creative project at Urban Grind Coffee Co., on the ground floor of the Bank of America bldg. in downtown Jax (that’s the closest thing to a skyscraper we have in these parts)! As an added bonus, I get to pitch my book project to the world on one of those days in mid-April, broadcasting Edgar Wilde over the Net to anyone out there who thinks it’s worth any sort of investment. The book could walk away with a few bucks and some nice press coverage…or quite a few thousand, which would be enough for Nine Muse Press to stake a claim in the PRINT arena and get Edgar Wilde a first HARDCOPY press run! I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this event, and am thoroughly using the energy from it to focus this e-book version of Edgar Wilde into a solid reality. by the time One Spark happens, we’ll have published the book online, hopefully gotten some impressive sales numbers, and received some glowing feedback as well. Stay tuned for all that!

So we are (counts fingers with giddy exhaustion) 13 days away from the official release of Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire! As I’d contemplated how and when to release the book to the world, I never could have imagined it would be just now, and just like this. The timing has given my 45th time around the sun a beautiful chiming, and One Spark has created a megaphone of incomprehensible impact. The wind is at our back, folks. Clear sailing toward dawn.