Contemplations at two days and counting…

March 21 is my birthday.

I’ll be 45 years old. 45 times around the Sun, as my custom-made t-shirt says. When you say it like that, it doesn’t sound that long. Hell, I still get carded. But still, halfway to 90 as well, so I guess quite a distance after all. And I’ve now lived longer than some of my favorite creative forces — Freddie Mercury, for starters. Jim Morrison, obviously. Karen Carpenter…

When I wrapped up my goth/rock opera CD Veil & Subdue, in 2009, the occasion was so incredibly exciting and suspenseful. I’d been working on the project for three long years — libretto, plot, lyrics, instruments, vocals, package graphics — and seeing it come to a closure of sorts was thoroughly gratifying, but sad too. I didn’t know what was about to happen with the project, but I had a definite feeling that I’d never work on something “that big” again.

Edgar Wilde started with a block and a spin. The “block” was the sudden reshaping of my world due to the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Sofia Alafaire, which I’ve talked about in a previous blog post. The “spin” was a horrifying hydroplane-on-the-wet-Interstate near-miss in late 2011. I’d thrown out a few sentences of what would become Edgar Wilde by then, but surviving such a fishtailing skid between a guardrail and a speeding semi added a definite imperative to the new project. I’d lived to see another day. My family was unhurt. What was I waiting for? What I still needed to do in my life, I needed to do it NOW.

Six months later, my hands raised from the keyboard to find I’d completed the first draft of Edgar Wilde. There was so much more work to be done on it, but that was okay. And so the past year has been spent editing — endlessly editing — but also coasting on the fact that I’d captured the tale. I knew I had it. It was just a matter now of shaping it and working it until it found its final form.

And here we are. In two days I’m launching my book, my first novel, the first (I hope) of a series of grand, mysterious, exciting Edgar Wilde adventures. Few of you will read this until days later, as we are keeping the book’s release — and my brand-new publisher, Nine Muse Press — under wraps until our big rollout on Thursday at 5:30pm. You’re most likely reading this blog entry post-release, and I hope you’ve bought my book, or are going to. More importantly, I hope you love a good mystery as much as I do, and that this tale takes you on a tantalizing journey through cemetery clues, rumors of witches, and the pursuit of a lost book of spells — The Lost Grimoire.

I can’t think of a better gift to receive to help celebrate my 45th trip around the Sun.

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