Every brush stroke counts

There’s a great story about Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. Those who knew him during his lengthy painting of The Last Supper recalled that the great artist would come into the room, sit quietly in front of his painting-in-progress for hours on end, then finally grab his brush, paint a line or two, and leave.

I carry this image with me when I’m writing sometimes, almost like a shield, just in case I arrive at the end of a writing session empty-handed. I’ve had many sessions where the only thing I have to show is a word changed, or a sentence moved. It feels like a painful, wasteful, unproductive process at the time, right?

But when you’re reading your published book a year or two later, and you see that special word popping on the page, or that cleverly-placed sentence spinning the momentum of your yarn, then you finally feel the payoff.

Treasure those days that seem unproductive ~ you may not realize it at the time, but you worked just as hard.

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