Nine Muse Press Wants YOU for our Affiliate Bloggers Program

As a blogger myself, one of the most frustrating things is to be bombarded with authors who ask (take) and never give. REVIEW MY BOOK, LIKE MY BOOK, LIKE MY PAGE, TWEET MY LINK, SHARE MY PROMOTION, etc.

As someone who promotes for a living, I have to ask: why would I?

Yes, free books are nice, but I am GLUTTED with free books. I have far more digital books than I could read in six months.

So why would you partner with Nine Muse Press? Well, our idea is to sweeten the pot, to get you excited about partnering with us to share our books and promotions, to offer you exclusive content for your blog. Your opinion is highly regarded.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last year meeting and talking to authors, bloggers, media people, etc. to get the best idea of what YOU would like.

If you share the love, you get the love, so I’m designing this program with bloggers specifically in mind. You work for hours for essentially free because you feel so passionate about books and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

As a member of our Affiliate Bloggers Program you will get exclusive content, first access to unique events and all manner of other goodies. Affiliates will also have the opportunity to “vote” for books that they think would be a perfect fit for Nine Muse Press. You can vote in the Nine Muse Press affiliate forum for up to 3 books — we want to know what you think. We don’t accept submissions from authors, but we know you’re reading the best books out there. Support your favorite indie author and vote for them!

So join our affiliate program today, and see how much we love our bloggers!

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